History Of The Batten Brooklands Racing Special

Created by Ted Batten in 1935/6 the car has seen continuous competition action throughout its life, starting at Brooklands Motor Course where it won its first race by three quarters of a mile, through Donington Park, Oulton Park, Silverstone, Mallory Park, Croft, Prescott, Shelsley Walsh, Harewood, Doune and many more.

Batten Racing Special 1936

Over the years the car’s appearance has changed subtly and its capabilities have been the subject of continuous improvement as befits a “special”. As Denis Jenkinson wrote, “It is probably true to say that no special has ever been finished. It may be finished sufficiently to allow it to race, but inevitably the constructor will be planning further modifications while he is racing it …”


Over the years many changes have been made by the six owner/drivers of the unique racer, culminating in the fitting of a modern supercharger to raise the output to close on three hundred brake horse power. A return to an earlier configuration is now in train with the building of a replica of the very special engine which was fitted in 1938 for racing at Brooklands. Details of all the changes and modifications are contained in the book, along with all known competition details.

Batten Special engine

Own the story of the Batten Special

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